Raster ceilings Open Cell

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Suspended raster ceilings are an alternative to other types of suspended ceilings. Raster ceilings, in addition to their undeniable aesthetic values, are non-flammable and drip-proof, and they do not interfere with technical installations such as air conditioning, ventilation systems, electrical and telecommunication wirings. Due to the open nature of raster ceilings, any fire protection, both signalling and spraying, can be installed above the suspended ceiling. Suspended raster ceilings are also characterized by lightness and ease of installation.

Due to these features, suspended raster ceilings are increasingly used in objects such as: banks, offices, shopping malls and showrooms, airports and railway stations, etc.

Raster ceiling components are manufactured by BARWA SYSTEM Sp. z o.o., with high quality pre-finished aluminium sheet with a thickness from 0.43 to 0.6 mm. Varnish is applied to pre-treated aluminium tapes with the use of double-layer “Coil Coating” method, and then scorched.