Expanded metal mesh tray ceilings Vario

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Specyfikacja Vario VARIO

VARIO tray suspended ceilings are made of expanded metal.

VARIO ceiling trays can be manufactured in any size possible to mount on T24 and T15 profiles or on a bandraster, e.g. 600x1200 mm.

VARIO ceiling trays can be manufactured in any size. Dimensions must take into account the strength parameters of the ceiling, as well as the availability of the grid format dimensions. Ceilings are usually mounted on RBS-1 or RBS-2 cross-structures.

Expanded metal tray ceilings are characterized by:

  • easy and quick installation,
  • easy access to the above-ceiling space,
  • durability,
  • ease of cleaning,
  • the possibility to exchange them with all types of mineral ceilings.

The high aesthetic value of the offered ceilings and the low price allow for wide application in various objects, such as:

  • administration and office buildings,
  • industrial objects,
  • public buildings (e.g. hotels, airports, hospitals, schools),
  • commercial buildings and exhibition halls.

These ceilings used indoors cover all technical installations such as air conditioning, ventilation systems, power supply systems, fire protection and alarm systems.